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A Little About Me...

My name is Andrea Ball, sometimes I use my middle name as well Lynnae, and while I hate referring to myself as only “what I do”, that is probably why you're reading this. Simply put, I am trained as a scenic designer and scenic artist for theatre. I visually sculpt the story and create new worlds.
I received my B.F.A. in Theatrical Design and Technology at Texas State University and my M.F.A. in Scenic Design at Indiana University. Working in the theatre industry for the last 15 years, I have held positions in a variety of areas ranging from pushing boxes for events at conference centers to designing backdrops for a ballet featuring Misty Copeland.
      My strength is in collaborative teamwork and communication to create new and interesting works of story telling art. I have designed sets for a wide variety of genres, supervised employees building scenery, and run a paint shop as a charge scenic artist. By combining my wide range of skills as a designer with highly developed painting abilities, I devise interesting and innovative solutions. Communication between designers, production staff, and clients is my forte. I always find the way that the individual will understand things best, no matter their previous knowledge of 3D space, drafting, and concept. 
I have always approached reality differently so why not bring that to my work too? I am able to get into the weeds on a problem and untangle the small details, while still being able to zoom way out, look at the big picture, and realize that sometimes the obvious or easy solution is actually the best solution. 

And I always try to stick to my design/
life motto:



 Based in the DC/Baltimore area, I am currently working as a professor of scenic design and a freelance designer, designing shows and graphics for companies all over the U.S. 

I have a serious work ethic and an energetic personality.
Let's talk about what we can create together!

When you cant hide it, Accent It!

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