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and a few of their favorite things!

Look, I'll be honest. 
Right now it is really just me, Andrea, as part of our dedicated artists. That does not mean I don't have tons of contacts all over North America who are always looking for gigs. My promise is that, if I'm not right for your job, I know someone who is. So no matter where you are or what kind of artsy fartsy thing you need, BaseCoat Studios has you covered.


Andrea Ball

Founder, Artist, Designer,

Pun Maker

Let's chat about what awesome art we can make together! I work primarily in theatre as a scenic designer, painter, and have even done some projection design. But don't let that stop you from asking me to help with your next project. I am open to taking on whatever project you have in mind!

If I can't do it, I know someone who can!

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